Change in leverage provided on scrips

One thing I have noticed is the scrips in 14x and 13x leverage category on Zerodha’s website keep changing all the while.

Link : Equity margins - Zerodha Margin Calculator

As a huge part of my strategy depends on this, it comes as a surprise to me when there is a change.

I understand 13 and 14x leverage is provided considering a particular scrips’s historical volatility and volume.

Coming to the main question ~ Can you please let us know when scrips in this list(13x and 14x) are updated or changed for eg ~ during which time of the day as you guys(Zerodha) must be computing volatility/volume of a given scrip EOD right?

Because at the moment, I track this list at 8:45 am - 9 am before the market opens as I have a special market watch for this.

Oh i remember this feeling, i use to do intraday tradesbefore moving to option trading , timing is important in intraday trades. when u time your trade by calculating leverage but system rejects it saying not enough margin, then u have to open margin calc page to find updated leverage, which wastes lot of time and finally timing is lost.

My suggestion is they should display margin required for that trade on right corner of trade window’s title bar, if we had right margin it displays green if not then red. This saves precious time of intraday traders.

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I found this on their resources page. You can use this to track changes.