Change in OI / Volume analysis / BUY or SELL

When OI increase of a particular strike price of an underlying stock/Indices, how do we know if people are buying it or selling it???

OI increase + Price Increase + Delivery Percentage increase = Long Build up

How to find OI increase of the whole week in todays date.?
@ present nseindia show OI n delivery percent of same day only.

From my cheat sheet - :wink:


Will help …

1 Like > search for stock > Get derivative quote > Historical Data > Select Duration > Get Data … Last Column OI :slight_smile:

Thanks. Nice Formula. Just curious, How did you came up with this? is it a standard? or you did research & found this?

It is pretty standard … but I actually do a lot of research to find those very points until this stops working … which is very much individualistic and on per stock basis.

If u watch cnbc in morning @ 8 am they tell us about open interest for call cand put option data.
It defines the range of nifty50 maximum high and maximum low