Change in stamp duty for the state of Haryana


The State of Haryana has revised it’s stamp duty to impose a maximum limit of Rs. 500 per day. The new rates now are Rs. 1 per 10,000 rupees capped at Rs. 500. At Zerodha, this new rate has been updated and will take effect today, 24th November 2017. Attached below is the notification from the Haryana State Government announcing the change.

What is the new stamp duty in Haryana?

Does “Relating to non-delivery” also include Equity Intraday? Because that doesn’t fall in “Delivery” for sure.


But the circular attached says 20paise per 10000 (max 200) in case of non delivery and futures/options.
So I think intraday equity goes down too?


U r right!!! Good news. Its .002% , max limit 200 / day for intraday, & F&O .


I have deleted / withdrawn my old post.


Are you getting your contract notes as per revised stamp duty?
If yes, are you paying 200 INR ( max ) for F&O?


can i know where you got this information