Change in STT with change in address

Hi, I am migrating from Telangana to Andhra Pradesh and getting my Aadhar updated. Now if I sumbit my Aadhar again, will STT change as per my current address, Andhra Pradesh?

Your stamp duty will change based on your address, STT Is the same.

You can check stamp duty for different states here

Yeah sorry. So will stamp duty change if I migrate to another state?

Sir…STAMP DUTY charges for CHANDIGARH is not in the list…Is CHANDIGARH in OTHERS category in which stamp duty is charged as of KARNATAKA i.e. 0.003%…there is a broker named FINVASIA based in CHANDIGARH who charges Rs.10/contract note…Please clarify as ZERODHA SUPPORT TEAM also don’t know the answer…