Change of Market Depth & Positions in Chart

Hello @nithin & Team Zerodha,

I am a fan of Karthik Rangappa & team for varsity.

Currently in Kite Platform

  • The Price Action (i.e Candle Stick formation) is on Right Side
  • Market Depth & Positions is on Left side

A Day Trader relies on Price Action for a day & makes his quick decisions based on chart, sometimes relying on 1 minute chart too.

Thus, it would be convenient if the the Market Depth & Positions is placed on Right Side or user is given choice where he desires to keep it (Left or Right), while Trading with chart.

Note: Initially when I first saw “Market Depth & Positions in Chart” , I thought I was seeing A Full Service Broker’s chart (who doesn’t have forum such as this or even respect feedback).

Strange to see Trading Community, not reacting to my post :disappointed:

Hi @zdfan

That is not the case at all, @zdfan Sorry if you felt like that. Sunday evening it happens sometimes :slight_smile:

Bouncing this off to team. Thanks for the feedback

Is it possible to let know the timeframe, within which it may be implemented?

@nithin Is it possible to let know the Approx timeframe,

  • within which my request may be implemented?
  • Also when Trailing SL on Holdings, is planned to be implemented?

Guess my request is just heard. Not implemented(nor given approx timeline, by which it may be implemented).

Anyway, it’s your Choice to implement or not.