Change Status to Active to Inactive

I have created some 120 triggers most of which gets triggered everyday. Next day I have to manually activate them again one by one. Is there a way to activate them in one go. Please help.

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Not currently because, the conditions of each trigger will be different.

Hi Bhuvanesh

I have 400 triggers across 2 accounts. Everyday in the morning I have to do the monotonous task of activating the inactive triggers which is actually very tedious. On most days 40% of the triggers get triggered. I hope you understand. Please device a way to activate the inactive triggers at the start of the day in ONE go at the very earliest.


It is essential that there should be a provision to save triggers & activate it on daily repetitive basis.
Without that it is not much useful.

Sentinel admin should look in to it & develop this functionality ASAP.

You can from the “My Triggers” tab.

Sorry but am not able to even save the trigger for tomorrow.

I am trying to save trigger for ASHOKLEY LTP < Close , it is showing msg that this condition is already triggered & finally it not gets saved & not appearing under the tab “My Triggers”.

I want to set it for tomorrow & repetitive for all coming days.
Pl advice.