CHANGES in DELIVERY SALE (CNC) from 01 December 2020

IS IT MEAN that you can not sale and buy same scrip once you sold it as CNC ?


SOLD shares today as CNC but system is not allowing me to re-purchase it saying NO margin .
however i can buy other scrip against this sale .

If sale proceeds received are the only funds you have, you can only buy back up to 80% of the shares sold. You can check this post for detailed information:

You mean free funds because i have funds but assume the same are blocked due to pending orders … if i remove these pending orders , more funds will be there .

If you have free funds, you can buy back 100% of the holdings sold. Due to peak margin reporting, we are now required to block 20% of selling credit as margin until we can debit the shares from your Demat and make it available to the CC (Early payin or EPI), which typically will happen only after the market closes on a trading day.

So when you sell shares from your holding-hands only 80% is credited to your account, this you can use to trade in other scrips, also if these are the only funds you have (no additional free cash) and decide to buy back the shares sold you will be able to buy back only 80% of the shares sold. No issues if you have additional funds, you can buy back 100% of shares sold.

NEW MARGIN RULES KICK IN :slightly_smiling_face:
Aapke pas agar 1 lakh rupya hai …TOH aapke paas 80 hazar hai .
Reatailer to SEBI : EISA KAISA ?
SEBI : A magician never reveals his secrets :rofl: