Charges related to transaction & Demat with Coin

I have multiple Direct MFs holding around Rs.2.5 lakhs all are in non-demat format and I also have Zerodha Trading A/C along with Basic Service Demat A/C (AMC NIL) with Zerodha since years.

Now, if I convert all my MFs holdings amounting around Rs.2.5 lakhs to my BSDA with Zerodha through Coin platform:-
Q.1. Will my BSDA be converted to regular Demat with regular AMC charges?
Q.2. Or if it still remain BSDA, then what will be demat debit charges then for the MFs?

Yes, if the holding value crosses the SEBI prescribed threshold. Check the slabs for BSDA eligiblility in this article.

BSDA or otherwise, we do not charge any demat debits charges for mutual funds.

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