Charges to convert mis to cnc

If i buy 100 shares as MIS and later down the convert it to CNC.
Question 1: On T day will be charged as per MIS or CNC (i am mainly talking about brokerage will it be as per MIS or CNC)

Question 2:On T+1 day i sell the CNC share without converting it to MIS (Will i be charged CNC or MIS)

Question3:On T+1 day i convert CNC to MIS first and than sell.(will i be charged CNC or MIS)

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This is Delivery trade, so no Brokerage.

Delivery trade again, so no Brokerage.

When you Sell using MIS, you will have to square-off (buy it back) by 3:20 PM, so it will become Intraday trade and Intraday charges will apply.

is it possible to convert cnc share in holding to mis ?
also can u tell me if i do BTST brokerage will be as per MIS or CNC, as i heard if before getting share in my holding i sell its considered MIS.

what are STT charges for BTST its .1% on buy&sell or .025% on sell.

If you want to go Short in Intraday, you can do so by Selling shares in MIS.

BTST is considered a Delivery trade, not Intraday.

0.1% on Buy and Sell.