Chart and API Data Mismatch on two Different ID's

@nithin ,

Reaching out to you for your help and confirmation,
For a script , Price are not matching on two different ID’s.
We have created a code to algo trade the strategy where kite API is giving some value which is not matching with the same candle on chart

We had raised the same issue on Kite forum , and received the response from the support team

Support is saying that this is possible and can happen, need your validation on the same

kite forum link : Heikinashi chart mismatched in different account - Kite Connect developer forum

Ankit Namdev

What is linked on the forum is the right answer.

At any given time on the exchanges, trades could happen at different prices. All we get is a snapshot. The snapshot is then used to plot the chart. Two charts or prices on two different platforms can have a slight mismatch in the price.