Chart Candle and Colour Logic

Can you kindly clarify the logic used for bar color in ChartIQ.

This is INFY NOV FUT, testing all chart libraries for same symbol:

If you see “Colour Bar” of ChartIQ, that is the only one that has Green bar vs Red.

So is logic of bar, C > O or is it C > PC (prev Close) or is it an issue.

Other ref links checked:
The Chart Types – Varsity by Zerodha

Why do the colour on bar charts and volume bars not match sometimes? (

Hi Chirag,

I will check this and get back with the answer.

close vs the previous close

On TV, it is optional.

Thanks, and what about ChartIQ? are we stuck with that without able to change the option?

yes, Chartiq does not provide an option for users to switch.