Chart drawings dissappear


for PA, chart drawing are extremely important but even after kite 3 coming out of beta this issue persists. Please fix this issue. I get frustrated drawing them again & again


All drawings you make on charts will be automatically saved in your browser cache. Whenever you open up a chart where you had previously drawn on, the drawings will be retrieved. However, this won’t work if you clear browser cache, or switch browser or PC.


Any limitations on drawing scripts?,I asked once support team they said only 10 scripts allowed for drawing…If u draw 11th script the older one automatically removed…@bhuvanesh


Yes, that’s correct.


Thank you…Normally peoples wanted more than 10…I know it’s slow down website…Is there any development based on this…


Will have our team check this. :slight_smile:


i didn’t clear cache or change my pc. It still happens on a regular basis


10 is so low. Please increase this limit. Maybe this is the problem that’s happening with me. I’ve more than 10 scripts.


Drawings getting disappeared is a problem we’ve been reporting from many months but the root cause is not fixed. Browser cache, different platforms, etc are not the true reasons. Please fix them.


i think they have fixed the problem. But there’s a new problem or shall a say a new finding. That the drawing are limited to 10 scripts. So if you draw on any 11th script, the oldest script drawings automatically get deleted. This is frustrating for someone who keeps a watch on commodities, currencies & various stocks. Zerodha seriously need to increase this limit or completely do away with it. Please look into this @nithin @Bhuvanesh


In my case, i’ve drawings lesser than 10 but once or more in a month, i face the problem of drawings getting disappeared.


Yes it happens with me sometimes too. But recently this issue has significantly gone down. Then 10 scripts limit is a problem though


Yes 10 scripts limited…Normally I do analyses 10 scripts in Firefox and 10 scripts in Chrome…The issue is Zerodha stores the data in local storage…More than 10 may be cause the website and slow down…That’s why they are limited to 10 scripts…


they need to upgrade their infrastructure, etc. because this is a hindrance to trading


guys be happy to see that only charts are disappearing…you should be worried the day your money starts disappearing from your ledger !! BTW …its a joke, zerodha is still a better broker as i don’t know when other discount brokers would shut shop


Would this issue be fixed when tradingview is integrated into kite? It really is frustrating and time consuming to keep drawing the same over and over again.:sob: A limit of 10 scrips is way too low .


yes probably


Try fryers chart it’s much better and easy to use. I also use trading view if using desktop or fryers is even good on mobile