Chart feature is not clear in zerodha kite Mobile


Dear Nithin Kamath Sir Ji,I’ve used chart feature of several mobile trading software from upstox,IIFL,ICICI,5paisa ,Zerodha to edelweiss.

But no software is anywhere near to edelweiss mobile trader. Their chart is very very clear.
Edelweiss is freely available on google playstore .One can use it as a guest without paying any penny.

Please ask your mobile developer team to use edelweiss to check their charts quality…and please make zerodha kite mobile software like edeweiss…

Check it out yourself.You will also get impressed.

Screenshot of edelweiss mobile trader

Screenshot of Zerodha Kite Mobile

Thank You


Looks like both edelweiss and us are using the same charting library. Our charts are looking cluttered because I think u have an additional indicator on it. But yes the Y axis is cluttered because of the bigger fonts. We will have this checked.


Trust me,Even with less indicators ,zerodha kite mobile is not clear whereas Edeweiss is much clear at the same time

Kindly use and check it out yourself

I have 5.5 inch mobile.

One more big problem. When we use crosshairs and info box on zerodha kite mobile then it becomes even more difficult and clumsy
Whereas In Edeweiss, there is no problem.Everything is clear like crystal.

Hope Your Android developer team will make zerodha kite mobile one of the best mobile trading software in next upcoming updates.Thank You.


double tap on info icon by this info box not become problem to you when you use crosshair
info box show at top at right of the chart as Edeweiss


you can also change background for kite in display menu
change it into black it will look like Edeweiss


Pravesh buddy, I am not from some la la land.I’ve already know these silly things.
Use edelweiss for some time. You will find it that what i am saying.
I’ve used several mobile trading software in past but no software can match edelweiss in terms of clean chart.
Anyways Thank you dost.