Chart study disappears

Anybody let me know , in kite platform during trading hours , suddenly chart study"s disappears on main window but pop-out charts will remain stable, this happens frequently , anybody let me know how to solve this problem, i have enclosed the screen shots.

As per my knowledge nothing as such, if you don’t mind can you mention the exact steps what you are following.

yes it happened yesterday with me too…but i thought it is just with me so l did not bother…

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After adding any study on to chart we have to wait for 30 secs to get it applied on popout chart, can you try that and check.

Dear Siva,
it was on chart for 2 weeks almost.

Appreciate if you can write to me @ [email protected] so that it will help me in understanding this scenario better.

If nothing as such, even after attaching the proof , only i can smile at you, this problem exists from long time , but i ignored it, but yesterday it really annoyed to me, it happens by itself, without doing any thing ( not adding chart study or deleting)

If you can write to me @ [email protected], I can call you and access your system and check as I could not able to reproduce this.

thank you for the reply , i can’t give my system access to you, I pointed out this is related to chart saving option ( There is NO option for chart saving, like earlier kite version)

I am facing weird issue… kite domain becomes inaccessible frequently…