Charting Issue on Window 10 OS for Zerodha PI


Hello Friends,
I have open a new account with Zerodha. I am using window 10 dell laptop. I have downloaded PI platform and able to open my trading platform. I am not able to see any chart on trading window. When I click it says " unable to fetch historical chart data. Only live data will be there" when I click ok the screen shows black and no chart.
Can anyone guide and help me to solve this issue I will be very thankful


I am using windows 8. Pi is not working in a smooth manner.
I do recommend u to use on google chrome.


i m also similar issue with pi; whenever i open pi for the 1st time during the day and open any chart , pi makes a “ding” like sound and chart opens only to the 1/3rd of the screen and after that pi gets freezed and i have to force close it.
The only solution i found is to run “register_chart.bat” file with admin rights every day.
you can find this file at C:\Zerodha\Pi.
Run that file , hope it will also work for you.

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The same issue occurred in the past to me and zerodha cc team adviced to use the register_bat option.I have tried but its not working.Its painful to use PI this way.Have stopped using PI since then.


same here sudheer. some times it don’t work. you may try reinstall it .
i have started using fyersone due to this.


@nithin can you please tell us is there any problem with PI charting?


@AlgoGeek please help charts are not loading on PI plateform.