ChartIq or Trading View Charts: No option to add Moving Average on RSI?


I was trying to add a Moving average over RSI. But the option RSI or any other indicator under field is no longer there in ChartIQ.
Refer this video as well where author is able to add this option

Am I missing anything in the steps(Refer ScreenShot)? Or Else why was this removed?

I saw in Another thread that this feature is not available in Trading View yet


You can overlay Moving Avg over RSI on ChartIQ. You just have to change ‘Field’ settings from ‘Close’ to RSI…just that first you have to deploy RSI…then Moving Avg will show it as a paramater in its Field setting… ![Screenshot_2019-08-02-22-23-24|281x500].I have taken this screenshot just now 2 August 22:24 HRS(upload://rPFSUoKLOrsxsFXfT6IwBtQPPML.jpeg)