ChartIQ - Trade from Chart - Default Qty, Default Product Type and Default SL Limit Buffer Price Request


I have been using Chart IQ’s Trade from Chart feature and there are a few minor improvements that can be made which can hugely impact our trading experience in a positive way.

  1. Default Qty: Everytime I enter an order, I have to keep changing the order qty and that can lead to error or missing a trade specially when I am trading with smaller timeframes. If we can set a default qty in the Trade from Chart setting, this will truly be a boon.

  2. Product Type: Since Zerodha has lot of issue with OI restrictions, setting the default order type o NMRL is not helping. Many times, my order get rejected due to OI restrictions. If we can set a default product type for ourselves, it will greatly help.

  3. SL order default buffer limit price: Many times when we place an SL order, the price jumps after our order is triggered and our order is left unexecuted as a limit order if the price quickly moves. This is a practical problem that needs solving at the earliest. If we can set a default buffer price, say for example if we set it as 2, any SL buy order with Trigger price 200 will be set to have a limit price of 200 + 2 = 202 or an SL sell order with a Trigger price of 200 will be set to have a limit price of 200 - 2 = 198 automatically. This will greatly increase the usability of the feature.

These are practical improvements and I hope the development team will hopefully have a look. If we have a feature, it will be truly awesome to make it an awesome one.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Moris_Karam. We’ll look into this.