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I want my charts to be default 5 min candle for a day timeline in tradingview.

But, each time i click on day view it takes 1 min candle . How to set it to 5 min candle.?

you need to save the chart layout bro.

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You will have to first save the template as a default option, and save the chart layout. Check out this article for more details.

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How to find old options price chart.
Eg35100 ce bank nifty dec 2021 expiry

Charts of expired options are not available. But you can download historical price data for options from NSE website.

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On 30-12-2021 for DEC expiry.

35100 CE strike stayed at 0.20 paise even when bank nifty crossed 35100 and reached 35161. Premium did not move , Why?