Charts with time frames lesser than 1 minute

Why can’t we have charts with time frames lesser than that of 1 minute? Like 5 sec or 10 sec chart etc…

brother, i had account in share khan, their trade tiger provide second chart,
but, that’s very dangerous as this will define no clear trend and much of noise with false signal,
larger the time frame, lesser false signal and clearer the trend you can get

Bro, even Prostocks providing 1 Sec chart and yes, 1 sec chart won’t provide any useful information, but charts with time frames like 5 sec, 10 sec or 15 sec can provide significant info for my style of analysis. When one can provide 1 sec chart, why can’t they provide 5 sec or 10 sec chart? Of course, range of chart might be restricted to few hours. @nithin, any plans about this?

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bro you want 5 sec chart, i get false signal even in 5 min, i choose 15 min, there i see a clear price movement

What is your style of analysis if I may ask

Yeah, you can get false signals even on daily chart but the frequency may vary. Interpreting a chart is not unique bro :slight_smile: , As its an art, we both may be looking at same thing from different dimensions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Thank you for your reply bro. I need these lower time frame charts for further analysis which forms basic for building my algorithms.

I go pretty fundamental with moving averages combined with stochastics and histograms. And i am trying to test moderately high frequency swings.

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Seconds chart is not good for health☺️


Are Bhai… Please tell me whether there is a possibility or not… If so, how to get them? How many of them, saying they are dangerous or worthless, had actually experimented with them? please provide me with possibilities… Thank you…