Cheap equity buy/selling

Is it profitable to buy equity of value 0.1 and selling it on 0.15 or this could lead to some disaster ?? JUST STARTED INVESTING

Whose equity stock costs this much?

If you manage to sell at a price above what you bought, you have made a Gross Profit.

Keeping in mind there are other costs like STT, Transaction charges etc that need to be deducted from your gross profit to arrive at the net profit.

In your example you have bought at .10 and sold at .15 you have made a gross profit of .05 but not necessarily a net profit.

There are lots of them ,but not sure if they are reliable .For ex. PMCFIN, INFODRIVE, PENTAGRAM ,RASOPYR etc.

Absolutely you can make 50% profit, in the above said example. (Bought: 0.10, sold: 0.15) on the condition that Zerodha doesn’t charge any special brokerage charges.

With my past experience, a brokerage charged me a minimum 50 paise per equity share bought of such kind of shares even though my intraday brokerage rate is 0.05% . When questioned the same, they replied that they’re of special category and are charged so. I am not sure if they’re of T-category or Z-category or some other special category.

You just reach out to Zerodha cc and check if the brokerage is uniform across all the segments and categories of shares.

Happy Trading…!