Checking stock investments by pan number

Is there any way to know the shares or mutual funds or other type of investments made by the person by his pan card or any other documents by his legal heirs in case he is expired.

@faisr should be able to throw some light on this.

One way is to assess the Bank statement. Since all transactions that happen in the Financial markets have to be routed through a Bank account, you could check the statement to see if any funds were invested with any AMC/Broker. If you find any, you could then contact such AMC/Broker and get the relevant details of investments made.

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To Whom can the broker reveal the details of investment? What’s Zerodha policy and process on it? Can anyone from my family ask for it? What if the client want complete confidentiality and privacy?

Details will not be shared by the AMC/Broker without complete verification of documents like Notarized death certificate, legal heir certificate etc.

The process of transmission of shares followed at Zerodha is explained here:

There are multiple ways to extarct bits of info:

  1. For mutual funds not held in demat format, use this

  2. For MF/shares in demat, you should be able to retrieve details from CDSL NSDL. If the deceased had a registered email address that you have access to, then the consolidated account statement (CAS) would already have been emailed there periodically. You can also check the FAQs here:

Edit: Looking at the response from @VenuMadhav , I am not sure about the legality of accessing a deceased person’s information without documentation. The two ways mentioned above are the tools that I use to track my financial investments and may be of relevance to you.

Wish you all the best.

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