Choice of AMC's in COIN Platform

Hi there,
First of all , Thanks for a wonderful start of this new platform. It makes a lot of sense to invest via coin.
However i noticed that many schemes from several AMC’s are yet to be added to the DIRECT investible schemes universe. Also i noticed that AMC like Templeton was not on the list at all !
Can you please tell me how soon/long before we get the entire universe of schemes to invest in via the DIRECT investing platform on COIN ?

thanks and great job once again !


We are working on onboarding the direct plan schemes of missing AMCs on COIN. Franklin, Sundaram & BNP Paribas AMCs are in the final stages of developing their system for transactions of direct plan orders with BSE STAR MF (which is our backend order routing platform) so it might take some more time for these schemes to reflect on COIN but should happen before the end of this month.

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