Choice of selling only amount of shares at a specific price and specific date (really helpful feature for investor)

i bought 100 shares of dhfl at 300 = 30k rs.
i again bought 100 shares of dhfl at 200 rs. = 20k rs.

now the share is trading at 230 rs. i want to book profit of only those 100 shares which i bought at 200rs only and want to invest in another similar opportunity like yes bank at 200 rs.

can’t this be made possible, because sometime we need liquid money to buy another stock to our view and horizon.

some would say why not book all those 200 shares at once at price of 230rs but this will add up loss not profit. its a different set of choice and view.

i bought 100 shares of yes bank at rs .180 a week ago and today i again bought yes bank shares at 150 rs and booked profit at 160 rs (intraday sell off). i din’t needed to sell those 100 shares which i have bought at rs 180.

please understand my point of view of having the choice of selling those specific amount of shares with specific price and date. this will be very helpful in bull and bear market
please do answers if it is possible @Nithin Kamath sir @Karthik rangappa sir.
would be glad to hear from zerodha community folks :slight_smile:

The shares sold will be considered on a ‘First in, first out’ (FIFO) basis. This means that when you sell 100 shares, the buy price for this sell is considered as 300 and not 200 (2nd buy price) or 250 (average buy price).

Even for taxation purpose FIFO is considered.


Had asked this question long back.because of FIFO, FIFO is done for tax benefit, we short term traders can easily profit if this feature is available. For this to work you need to have multiple demats. I started with two demats it’s really helpful and not make profit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks for replying sir. so technically if i am having a single demat account intraday is the only way to get rid. hope one day they will add this feature if regulatory allows them to do so :slight_smile:


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