Circuit 20% cross after 2 pm and post market!

If sensex spot or nifty spot hit 20% circuit on or after 2pm ; the cash equity and fno derivatives would be closed for the entire day !

My question is : will The post - market session or closing session be open from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM. ?
Because ;
If any client had done intraday MIS short sell in the cash equity ; and he could not exit the positions due to the market sudden close ;;; would he be able to unwind his position ; so that he can save himself from auction risk loss which can go as high as 20%


Corner case: But depends on the stoploss limit. Post market order matching might not happen if the limit is not met In that case you will need to carry the position. The broker cannot gaurentee execution on any trade. Technology, regulation, vanishing liquidity etc are all reasons you can get stuck in a trade. Thats why - its always buyer beware !!

Where is the question of stoploss or order match in the post market session . As all the trades happen in cash equity at closing price only ?


Yes but I was saying in case the exchange is closed, and if the limit were to incidentally match the closing price, the broker might still be able to help you by placing an offsetting post market order. Depends on the broker I think. You an atleast hedge it to a certain extent.

I think there will no no post closing session in this case, anyway will check and confirm.

Client should be ready to take there kind of risks in uncertain events, it can happen even now if individual scrip hits circuit.

Yes u r right .
But my question is : would the client be able to unwind his position in the post market ? Or will the client has to call or email to zerodha and request to do so ? Or will the zerodha do it the needful in the post market without the need of the client to call or email ?

We will only try to close, client can’t do anything. Most of times if it hit circuit it won’t be released in post closing also, so no point.

In the past history : was there any day when the sensex spot or nifty spot breached the 20% circuit or the market got to stop on or after 2 pm for the rest of the day?

There is , also u can google for few things.