Circuit Limit for Currency Derivative segment


Can any one let me know what is the percentage for Upper and Lower circuit for currency pairs ?


Derivative contracts don’t have any upper/lower circuit, it can move as much as they want in a day.


The upper/lower circuit keep changing in a day. Refer the link

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sdg, that is the execution range and not the circuit limit. Execution range ensures that a market order doesn’t get executed beyond that range.


I agree. But, from the point of placing the order, the execution range act as upper/lower limit. The ‘Snap Quote Panel’ shows the range limit as “Upp Ckt Lim/Low Ckt Lim” at that particular time of order placing.


Does this execution range vary within the day or fixed for the particular day?


execution range keeps varying within the day as and when it gets breached.


oh ok. Thanks for clarifying that.


It says Options with reference price>0.5, execution range is 10% of reference price, on both sides.
For all other contracts (not traded in the last 1 minute), the reference price shall be the theoretical price based on the latest available underlying price. I tried to place an order for USDINRDEC74PE on 15.10.2018. It shows previous close of 2.5050 with no trade today, but the current price shown as 1.3095 (-47.72%). I tried several prices to check but at every price, my order gets rejected with circuit limit message by zerodha. How to find what is the applicable circuit limit (or execution limit) for such order? I don’t use pi (no access to snapquote), and why trade is not allowed? (for eg, option seller may want to square off his losses at whatever price)


Circuit limit and execution ranges are two different things.
Check this for more on these. Also, soon we will provide circuit limits on kite itself.