Circuit Limit for Option

Where can I see the Circuit Limits of Options in Kite on web. Also when I try placing SL-M order for Option it got rejected. Will really appreciate any help in this line.

Circuit limit for scrips will be introduced in one of the legs of Kite 3.0.

Market orders are blocked for stock options due to liquidity issues. Market orders are allowed only for index options. Read more here.

You can currently check it out on Pi and NSE site.

Hello Sanket,
Can you please assist with link of NSE website where I can see the Option Circuit Limit

trading qna please refer the links and conversation

Can anyone help me in finding out on the Zerodha Kite Web App how to check for circuit limits before placing limit orders for delivery based trades. All the previous responses to a similar query were in 2014 and were probably referring to an earlier version of the app.

Can we have Circuit limit for options in kite. currently it is available in Pi but I like the Kite interface so I need to look to Pi only for circuit limit which is very cumbersome .

Also if option moves against me and hits upper circuit/lower circuit when will the revised circuit limit opens

I do not see circuit limit in new Kite. Can you point it out?