Civil unrest has begun across the globe ⚠

Sri Lanka

We are all tracking this from last few months which is now reaching its peak as country has defaulted and its leaders are mostly fleeing the country. What will happen next will be interesting ? Will India help ?



We generally dont get to see any protests happening in china. But, it seems like some small bank has frozen the deposits of its customers in april and the crowd after waiting for 3 months has started protesting big time.

Chinese and hong kong markets are down heavily today.

Across Europe

Most of these protests are an outcome of massive inflation and shortages that ppl are facing due to a deteriorating economy.

It will be important to see what measures these countries take to address these protests.


I think the coming times are going to be quite difficult. Massive spike in inflation, inequality increasing, asset bubbles and more. The disruption of food supply chain has already put lots of lives in jeopardy.


India needs to ensure energy and food security…rest all comes later

Civil unrest is the last thing we need as we are coming back from pandemic crisis

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Everyone in India seem busy trying to get offended.


I asked people who aren’t involved with market. (doctor, engineer, lawyer, businessman etc)

they don’t give a fck about bubbles, inequality of wealth, inflation as long as they get regular paycheck

there are country been broken down to core (afganistan, syria), yet we forget so easily

maybe we over emphasize.


PKGKAY Scheme ensured food security but looks like it will end in sept( 80 crore people are benefiting it ) , for energy govt is doing great job in maintaining balance and Mr. Gadkari is doing great job in bringing innovation , hope we don’t face any such issues in our country. RBI is also doing great job in releasing Stress Tests data for every state for Govt to take actions.

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Must read book - The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail ~ Ray Dalio.

Summary -


Such protests have been happening in multiple countries across the globe every year. And they will continue to happen every year in coming years too. Frankly, this is nothing new.

Its social media and highly connected world which is amplifying such instances. And hence it looks like such events have increased in recent past.

plus his other books are good as well

The situation around the world can either improve or get worse, hoping for the former. Right now, we are recovering from the pandemic, the virus hasn’t been erased yet. It still lingers and so do other problems. Keep an eye on the news so you know of any changes to come.

Food and fuel inflations are always big triggers

It all depends on when these 2 parameters are stabilized and at what cost

I wish civil unrest starts in US. It was America who provoked Russia Ukraine conflict because of which this food and fuel crisis emerged. They must get a taste of their own medicine.

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Things are turning extremely bad in China … Something that global mrkts are ignoring for now

Defaulting banks are small regional banks who have very invested in local govt bonds/ lent heavily to now stopped real estate projects & developer’s… Protest was at the Central bank ( Bank of china) building to force the issue. Big banks in china are reasonably sound. But too much leverage/ non performing loans are in all the banks books. Central bank has to bail out small depositor to keep social peace & avoid civic unrest

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That’s not the point. Point is situation is so serious that they’ve to deploy tanks to control the crowd.

Civil unrest is just an indication that things can get worse than this. Inflation and rising prices need to be brought down soon before the economical tension overpowers.

It was just a military drill that too in different city. Twitter is the home of false pretext and sadly media is just copy and pasting without any homework . I wonder how many news channels actually have people reporting from ground, I just see people sitting in news rooms debating or social media copy pasting the sensational content.

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closing twitter account is so far my best decision of 2022.

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It’s not from Twitter. Almost all the newspapers/channels/websites have this news. Even the so called left liberal fair and intellectual media like NDTV, The Print etc.

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