Clarification of mail received from Zerodha

I received the following mail today reiterating some rules related to use of KITE connect api. Does it have anything to do with algos run using platforms such as Quantiply or Tradetron. Running algos using strategies created by oneself, not bought from others or following others. Please someone from Zerodha clarify this.

I think it is sent to all. I dont use any 3rd party service (only use Kite Connect personally) and even I got this. Interested in knowing the proper context.

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Same confusion here and i got this without any kite connect api ever registered! I only have this kite integration with sensibull/smallcase

Kite Connect is offered to allow you easier access to your account. As long as you’re compliant with the terms of use and regulatory guidelines, you accessing your own information isn’t a problem.

As for using third-party applications, you may choose to subscribe to something at your risk and discretion. If this compromises you in any way, while Zerodha will do all it can to help mitigate any undesirable situation, we wouldn’t be held liable.

While you may not have an API key, you may have registered on and hence have received the email.

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Who all have received this? I just have an account but no apps created. But received this mail.

Explained above: