Clarification on Direct Fund

If I invest 5000 every month in SIP the amout collected by broker @1% (1% of 5000 is Rs 50) is same as the your monthly subscription charges. In addition we need to pay annual charges of Rs300. The If I am investing in Direct MF through Zerodha it will be a loss to me naa. But in your calculation you showed that after 25 years I will be loosing Rs 28L if I invest Rs5000 every month in Regular funds. How come?

Answered in the link below:

Two things to note

  1. Rs.50 is a fixed fee and it doesn’t compound. Even if your portfolio growth to 20 crores. you will still be charged Rs.50 PM.

  2. This is the most important part. Let’s say you invest Rs.100000 and your investment grows by 10%, your corpus will be 1100000. Let’s assume the expense ratio of a fund is say 2%. Now you would be excused for thinking that the calculation would be Rs.1000000-2% = Rs.980000. But this is wrong. Expense ratio will eat into your corpus, it will be charged on 110000-2% = Rs.22000. Now, this is deduced year in, year out.

So. on a monthly SIP of Rs.5000 for 25 years and assuming a conservative return of 12%
Mutal Fund XYZ (Direct - 1% expense ratio) You investment corpus would be Rs.7474013
Mutal Fund XYZ (Regular - 2% expense ratio) You investment corpus would be Rs.6247507
Difference Rs.1226506 or 16%
Rs.50X300 months (25 years) Rs.150000
The point is Rs.50 is a trivial charge in the long run. Hope I’ve answered your question.