Clarification on OFS

Today HDFCAMC OFS was open, here are subscription details:

It shows OFS is subscribed 94.85%. Does it mean everyone will get allotment at their own bid price?

Once the issue closes(tomorrow 3.30 PM), depending on the total bids received at different prices, a cut off price will be decided based on the total number of shares on offer(For this HDFC AMC OFS, it is 8,60,000 shares for retail, and 77,40,000 for non- retail). All bids at or above the cut-off price will receive allotment.

Most traders will place their bids just before the issue close to ensure they give a competitive price based on the prevailing price of the stock trading at the exchange, so it is possible that the subscription % will go up tomorrow and the cut-off price will be decided accordingly.

More details here

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Thanks. Where can we see allotment status in detail?

Allotment would have happened same day, if you’ve received allotment, you would have received a contract note and funds would have been debited from your account.

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Where to see the price at which allotment happened, other than in contract note? → Past Issues →