Clarification required - Buy and Short sell

Good afternoon Team,

I’m a beginner in stock trading .
Need help is understanding Zerodha as well as in intraday short selling strategies

Example :
I buy 1000 shares @ is Rs.100 each . For some reason I forget to sell . it gets squared off @3:20 with brokerage charges.
If like to sell the same shares the next consecutive days what happens.

Similarly if I short sell same way with same no’s and same rates .
If don’t buy back the shares what happens.

If you want to Buy shares today and sell tomorrow or another day you need to use CNC order type.

Short Sell is possible with MIS order type only so your position will be squared-off after 3;20, for that you will be charged Brokerage + extra 50 (+GST) for auto square-off.