Clarification Required - Single Share Holder Impact after Bonus issue

Dear Friends,

Please help with a clarification.

For e.g. I am holding only 1 stock of a company and company issues a bonus of 1:2. In this case, I know that I will not get any bonus shares, but my confusion is that how the price of my 1 share will be impacted. Will my buying price also get adjusted or I will simply be in loss?

I hope I was clear with my question. Somebody, please help me with this.

Thanks in advance
Pankaj Chauhan

@Pankaj_Chauhan : in such case you are entitled to half share which is fractional share . since fractional shares are not issued all such fractions will be transferred to a trust to club and sell at bse/nse. net payment received from broker will be distributed accordingly. it might take about 30-45 days from record date.