Clarity Regarding Platforms

When Logging in Using Kite in Tijori are we entitled to the premium plan or just the basic free plan only?

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What are the fees associated with investing in bonds through Wintwealth or GoldenPi as compared to directly buying from secondary market? Or investing in corporate bonds either way?

@Meher_Smaran @ShubhS9 @cvs others who have used these platforms? @Jason_Castelino @viswaram

I have not used any other platforms like the ones you mentioned. I created a GoldenPi account to check all options available for Sec. 54 bonds - but I am not using it now.

Most of the GOI bonds I purchased were via kite. The ask/bids are straight forward and you know how much you are paying for.

Purchasing directly via kite is much better than bidding via coin. Coin has a brokerage of Rs6/1000 and the auction may not work out in your favor always.

You’ll be on the free plan. You can check out the features and upgrade to premium if you wish. You can also use Reward points to upgrade.