Clearing member BP ID

What is the clearing member BP ID /CM BP ID of Zerodha? Where can I find it? i want to transfer shares from Kotak securities to my Zerodha account online and it requires CM BP ID of zerodha

@Nakul Can you.

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CMBP ID is required if you are transferring shares to Zerodha’s pool account in order to meet a settlement obligation. To transfer shares to your account that you hold at Zerodha, you will have to give your broker a copy of your CMR (Client master report) that has your demat account number mentioned on it, not Zerodha’s. Here’s how to get your CMR

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but to register for nsdl speed e it is asking to fill the CM BP ID of the the account to which i want to transffer shares to using eDIS

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If you read the above screenshot, it’s evident that Clearing Member Business Participant ID (CMBP ID) is the Broker’s ID. I am not clued in on the NSDL interface but I suggest you check with your NSDL DP on how to register to transfer securities to your own account, not your broker’s.

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I am also facing the same issue… I would prefer to transfer existing holdings from my NSDL demat account to my account with Zerodha, through online rather than going to my existing DP and providing physical DIS.

@ Anit_nab : Were you able to find any resolution ?

Hi… I am also trying to transfer my shares from Kotak securties to zerodha… Could you guide me what I am suppose to fill in CM BP ID… If you are able to figure it out …

Hi, you can refer to this article, to get help in filling DIS Slip.

Hi, can you tell the online method by which i can transfer my share from Karvy(NSDL) to Zerodha .

Online transfer isn’t possible, you will have to do off market transfer. Read this to know the process.

@Anit_nab hi, did you manage to sign up for Speed-e service by specifying the CM BP ID ? If yes can you post here what did you enter for that field? Also were you able to transfer shares to your Zerodha demat online from NSDL ?