Clearing the cache

As per this we need to clear the browser cache often.

But, this clearing would clear the images, js, CSS, auto-fills etc. not only for kite but also for all the other websites. This slows down other website experience & also loosing auto-fills is a big nuisance. How do we clear the cache only for kite?

Also, I have never been suggested this solution by any professional websites & I am sure there should be way to achieve the latest code update without user having to clear browser cache.

Please could you advise?

You can click Ctrl+F5 or try googling how to clear cache of one particular website

I have tried clearing the cache, ctrl + F5 and Ctrl+Shift+R.
None of these have solved my issue of Holding page slow through the day and not opening closer to market closing time.
I have more than 100 stocks in my holdings. Is this the reason? Has kite been tested and confirmed to work fine for such large number of stock holdings? Please could you simulate this at your end confirm? @BharatW @nithin