Cloud strategy error while scanning

cloud strategy is generating error as your script generated error when i scan marketwatch

this is the code i used

SET C = (SMA(HIGH,9)+SMA(LOW,9))/2
SET D = (SMA(HIGH,26)+SMA(LOW,26))/2
SET A = (C+D)/2
SET B = (SMA(HIGH,52)+SMA(LOW,52))/2

can any one know why it is showing error

If you are copy pasting the code in scanner it will take by default without spaces, make sure you have given spaces in between the scripts and try

hElLO tRaDeR,

The scanner engine seems to have a bug, it is not accepting the SET function.

Use the below code to get the same logic running on the scanner.

CROSSOVER((((SMA(HIGH,9)+SMA(LOW,9))/2) + ((SMA(HIGH,26)+SMA(LOW,26))/2)) , ((SMA(HIGH,52)+SMA(LOW,52))/2))

Let me know how it works on your side.