Clubbing of income filing ITR-2

I transfered money to my wife and she invested it in listed equities (shares). She has incurred capital losses, both shot term and long term. There are capital gains in my investement. I have shown the net captial gain in schedule capital gains by clubbing her losses with my gains. But, I am unable to show the losses incurred by my wife in schedule SPI (specified person income) as it does not accept negative numbers. Can anyone please let me know how I can show capital losses incurred by my wife in my ITR in schedule SPI, or somewhere else in the ITR form.

I don’t think you can do that i.e. show wife’s losses against your profits

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Hi @akhileshnautiyal

You should try doing this in the latest version of the utility.

I am fileling ITR online with latest version of Chrome. HOw can I choose the latest version of Utility?

Where you are filling tax? “Quicko” is tax filing utility in zerodha account. I think you need use latest version of Quicko.