CNC order and mis order

I placed cnc order and bought some share Can i sell it tomorrow?
And in mis order can we hold stock for overnight?

Hey, Parag.
Yes, you can sell a stock you had bought using CNC even after a day.
MIS positions are valid only for the trading day. If you want to carry them, you have to convert them into CNC.

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cnc is for delivery right? lf sell the stock i didn’t get the delivery yet

You will get delivery after T+2 basis…It requires at least 2 working days to reflect it in your Demat Account…

yes, CNC is for delivery. But if you want to sell the stock next day you can sell those.
For example; If you buy 100 shares of TATA Motors today and Sold next day. If, in case there is a short delivery from the Exchange for the buy transaction, then you will also be giving short delivery for your sell transaction. The Exchange would either give delivery of shares bought earlier through market auction or shall closeout the buy transactions as per the Exchange Regulations. However, this would not help you in meeting your sale delivery obligations already committed by you as even if you receives the shares bought earlier through auction settlement, by that time the securities pay-in date for your sell transaction would be over. In such case, you will have to face auction proceedings against your sale transaction and will have to bear the auction losses, auction penalties and any other incidental charges etc.

So while Buying stocks today and selling tomorrow you should do in NIFTY 50 stocks or high liquidity stocks.

hello trader,

It does not matter if the stock has reached ur demat or not.

You can sell it the very next day after you have bought it.

This transaction will be considered only as an intraday transaction.

You will be saving on stt and demat charges.

Please note: However, T2T category stocks can be sold only after it reaches your demat.