CNC to MIS and short delivery

I actually have two queries-

I generally buy stocks for short term ( a couple of weeks), so i always buy stocks in CNC mode. But sometimes the stock gives good returns on the same day and i do convert CNC stocks (positions) to MIS before selling. Is their any loss or hidden charges or risk in doing so?

My second question is that can short delivery happen in such trade .

Hi @Mohammad_Zaid there is not any type of loss if you change your order type CNC to MIS just your margin used going to be reduced according to your stock leverage but there is one thing if you take a delivery position you not need to pay any brokerages but if you change it to MIS you need to pay brokerages.

As far as your second question you cant take a short delivery position.

hope this work for you.

Thankyou, my second query is not yet clear. My question is-
Suppose if i buy share from MR x and sell it to Mr y on the same day (MIS), and later Mr x was unable to deliver the shares, so will i be charged penalty for short delivery or it will be Mr x who will be charged or both?

@Mohammad_Zaid you bought 100 shares and sold 100 shares same day (of non T2T and Z group ) means your net deliverable position is zero . you or even your broker have absolutely no reason to bother about , from whom you bought and to whom you sold .