CODE FOR THIS v-kind of candle PATTERN in STREAK

I want to trade as per v-pattern as attached in the image…how to code this is streak.plz help
explaination:t1&2 red or down candlles with lower lows a middle candle(3) another lowest low and
green or up candles with two higher lows and buy at close of 3rd green candle close or at open of it as shown in the image.

Not possible to code for patterns as of now.

@expert not sure with streak but you can try at You can select the candle function in their indicators list. Candle period for the latest candle would be 0 and in your case, 1st down candle would be -5, and subsequent candles would be -4, -3, -2, -1 and zero. In the screenshot, I have defined the candles 1 and 2 red candles and with a lower low. Similarly, you can define n number of candles the way you want.

Hi @expert!
You can create strategy with the conditions mentioned in the screenshot for your requirement. The strategy has been created for 1 hour. You may change the conditions as per the timeframe that is required by you :


Thanks guys …will test it…