Coffee can investing

Hi guys, should I buy lumpsump for coffee can investing or do SIP ? And one more question if you guys can help . At what point let say I hold a coffee can stock when should I exit. I am planning to hold for 10 years but how do I know that this stock is not relevant now or some red flag I should exit .

Definitely not lumpsum at this point of time. Just like you average when the identified stock fall, do sell in small quantities when the price goes up. Do this until your average cost comes down to a level which you are comfortable and then leave it. There is no need to exit. The difficult question is how to identify the “coffee can stock” This is the most difficult part.

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Then study about the company.

If you follow the company, you will know.

You are not investing in stocks, you are investing in companies, you are becoming a small owner. So read about the business, understand the business, and then invest, if you are investing for long term.