Coin app Dark Mode thoughts and review

Coin app finally has gotten Dark Mode but there are still quite a few issues with the Dark Mode. Some of the quick ones I noticed -

  1. Orders tab cart/box icon in the middle is white/light mode.
  2. When you view the chart the AMC Company icon has white background and looks really ugly tbh. Kuvera’s beta dark mode solved this by having custom icons for each of the company and that looks much better.
  3. When opening Coin for a brief second the screen is white. But this is also happens with Kite so I guess there is no easy way to solve it.

Cheking this.

@Bhuvan can we get black mode in coin? It looks wonderful in kite, would love to have same interface in coin.

It’s already live on the app :slight_smile: Open the app>account>dark theme.

I know that Dark theme is available, I’m talking about the amoled black theme which is available in kite.

Will look into this. No plans to add this for now.

Any update on the white Orders tab logo?

Happy to say it has been fixed now -