Coin by Zerodha


In FAQs it is written that:
Subscription fees of Rs 50/month for Coin will be applicable only if you buy direct mutual funds on Coin. Even the Rs. 50/month fees will be applicable only after the first Rs 25000 of direct mutual funds investments done on coin. You can track the value/worth of transaction executed on coin dashboard itself.

what if we transfer direct mutual funds from one demat account to zerodha,s account, we don’t purchase any mutual fund on coin and my investment is above Rs.25000, what will happen in this case, will I be charged Rs. 50 per month for the same


Hi Shikar, the subscription charges will be levied if your investment amount has crossed ₹25000 irrespective of whether you have purchased from coin or transferred from somewhere else. The subscription charges is levied for using our platform, the app, features, etc and to view your holdings consolidated in one platform. We have also stopped levying dematerialisation charges for mutual funds schemes effective today till 31st October ( usually the charge is ₹150 per + courier charges ) and the same is updated on our support portal as well.