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In FAQs it is written that:
Subscription fees of Rs 50/month for Coin will be applicable only if you buy direct mutual funds on Coin. Even the Rs. 50/month fees will be applicable only after the first Rs 25000 of direct mutual funds investments done on coin. You can track the value/worth of transaction executed on coin dashboard itself.

what if we transfer direct mutual funds from one demat account to zerodha,s account, we don’t purchase any mutual fund on coin and my investment is above Rs.25000, what will happen in this case, will I be charged Rs. 50 per month for the same

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Hi Shikar, the subscription charges will be levied if your investment amount has crossed ₹25000 irrespective of whether you have purchased from coin or transferred from somewhere else. The subscription charges is levied for using our platform, the app, features, etc and to view your holdings consolidated in one platform. We have also stopped levying dematerialisation charges for mutual funds schemes effective today till 31st October ( usually the charge is ₹150 per + courier charges ) and the same is updated on our support portal as well.

@siva , Coin web upgrade is required, i cannot filter anything in COIN web version , Mobile app is nice , anything in the pipeline of upgrade coin web platform

Yeah, we are working on it, @Bhuvan

Good Day had query regarding mutual fund on COIN platform

Suppose i want to invest on Funds Like ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIQUID FUND through SIP. And due to some urgency I require cash and I decide to withdraw the amount from The above mentioned fund.

Can i withdraw the amount at any point of time?
Will the amount be instantly transferred to my Bank Account?

The settlement process for Liquid Fund’s is T+1 day, if you place redemption request before 11:30 AM, proceeds from redemption will be credited to your trading account the next day, if you do after 11:30 AM the request will be processed the next day and funds will be available in your trading account the day after that.

After this, you will have to withdraw these funds to your Bank account via Console

Can i transfer my mutual funds from other AMC to COIN?

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If you have Direct Mutual Fund, you can transfer, the process is explained here. If you hold Regular Mutual Fund then you will have to redeem those and start afresh on Coin.

@nithin @ShubhS9 i buy a mutual fund using zerodha coin on 29 dec2020 lumpsum, i want to buy same mf on 30 dec2020, next day, but zerodha coin do not allow to do so, please fix this, make first come first in feature for mf buy. Find screenshotUploading: Screenshot_2020-12-30-11-28-15-526_com.zerodha.coin.jpg…

Not possible for now, but will figure something out.

@Bhuvan when you will update coin web platform any ETA

Order not placed in March 1st due to exchange issues. What’s going now ? @Bhuvan

Hey, really sorry about this. There was an issue from BSE Star’s end and we couldn’t upload the orders yesterday. We’re talking to them understand why this happened and how we can avoid this.

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Total newb to mutual funds and Coin here.
After doing some research have concluded that I want to buy into 2 funds.

  1. Navi Nifty 50 Index Fund
  2. UTI Momentum 30 fund

So if I invest thru Coin, does it mean I don’t have to interact with Navi/UTI ever? And hence no need to submit documents, KYCs, new logins etc ?

I’m just new and confused, because Coin seems extremely seamless and hence too good to be true… if someone could clarify it would be amazing.

Right. You don’t have to do any of this.

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Cagr value have difference why it is so

Axis website and coin show different values for same mutual fund


@ShubhS9 Do mutual fund schemes (eg SBI Focused Equity Fund / DSP Quant Fund ) have performance conference calls similar to earnings calls for companies ?

Other than the obvious cagr, aum etc., are there ways to find out what fund managers / quant models are thinking and why did they sell X stock or buy Y stock or even justify underperformance?