Coin Charges 50PM

I want to start a SIP in direct MF through Coin.
So, I am bound to pay expense ratio of Direct Funds + Rs. 50 coin charges PM. ?

Please clarify, is Rs. 50 PM are subscription charges which includes expense ration ?

Expense ratio is charged by the mutual fund directly Platforms selling direct mutual funds don’t make any money as commissions from the mutual funds. So the direct mutual fund platforms need to charge something additionally for this, we charge Rs 50 per month. You pay expense ratio to the fund and this coin platform charges to us.

So one I have more than 25K money in my Direct mf then you will charge me 50 PM?

Or when the worth transactions reached more than 25K?

Currently I invested only 3K in direct MF but previously I invested some amount and later redeemed them.

Now my investment is 3K and worth transactions are 11K?

When will you charge 50PM?

current investment > 25K or worth transaction > 25K?

Please clarify @nithin

Thank you so much.

It is based on the worth of transactions.

Oh, no. Then even if we remove everything and stopped investing, they will charge 50 PM?

Once you have redeemed all units from the portfolio then you can deactivate your subscription. The procedure is mentioned in this link.