Coin-Direct MF SIP

Can I have auto-debit facility for SIP’s of the direct MF’s I will start on Coin? Or is it so that I will have to add funds every month for the SIP to get executed?

Please go through this discussion. This auto debit facility is on its way.

hai, @siva, @VM1,

i have some liquid fund , some unit i pledged , remaining unit i can see in AMC website if i am correct , but i cannot see the balance unit in AMC , please clarify ,
i want to see my folio number in coin why i cannot see

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Since your MF units are held in demat mode, you might not be able to see it in the AMC’s portal. Some of the AMC’s don’t show the units held in demat mode on their portal.

The best way to verify your holdings would be to check your demat holding statement. You can register on CDSL easi site and check your holdings. Follow the steps mentioned here to register on CDSL easi.

Also, we do show the folio number on Coin. You can just check the fund breakdown for this.