COIN - Feature Recommendation - Goal Based View/Filter

Hi @nithin, @qna,
One of the most prominent advise we get from financial planners is to tag SIPs to their long-term financial goals. We all have various life goals which could be short term or long term in nature. To achieve my goals I have been investing into Mutual Funds SIPs through COIN for last couple of years. However in order to track my investments for a particular life goal I have to maintain a separate Excel sheet. It would be really helpful for me and others as well if COIN provides a Goal Based View and Filters in the current dashboard. Users should have the option to create their goals and tag to some particular investment(s). We can apply filters to view investments related to a particular goal. For e.g. it may look something like this:

Thank you!

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Working on something on similar lines. Will take some time but we’ll offer this.


Thank you hope so it come soon on ZERODHA COIN

On coin why is it harder to find MFs that invest directly in other countries?? Not a fund of funds MF but direct investing. Please create a new search categories for direct international MFs.

@Bhuvan In the Coin app please add this feature portfolio overlap