Coin fees deduction

I already referred tothis question and it did not have the answer I was seeking for.

So I am about to reach my 25k investment limit on Coin and I was wondering how the deduction of Rs. 50/- will happen. I am thinking of following scenario.

A) If I start SIP, I will always have to add (Rs.50 + Taxes) in my standing instruction amount for transferring to my trading account
B] If I do lumpsum and I will have to keep (Rs.50 + Taxes) while transferring to my trading account
C] If I decide not to invest at all, I still have to transfer (Rs.50 + Taxes) every month to my trading account
Which one will be it ?

Now the hypothetical scenario
I wait until eNACH is finally implemented and BackOffice tool Q takes care of everything by withdrawing SIP + Fees from my account.

And finally the add-on question
Why cant I just pay Rs.600 + Taxes upfront for the whole year and be done with it ? Rs. 50 is a real hassle IMHO.

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