Coin folio and direct account with AMC

If I have invested in a mutual fund via COIN, can I use the same folio details to login to corresponding AMC’s direct website as an existing investor?

– Nirav

Nope. You’ll have to Rematerialize the units and then you can. But why would you? :slight_smile:

No but you can create new folio under same email id and pan

Thanks for the response.

I don’t want to remateralize.

I don’t prefer a single intermediary or entity for all my investments, Also for the mutual funds that I can not pledge on Zerodha for margin, I still prefer to invest directly with the AMC.

Zerodha has already allowed 6 liquid funds for pledging for margin. I do not know what are the limitations in allowing a few other large money market, short term and ultra short term funds for the same. From my limited understanding, I can not imagine any technical difficulty since a few of the liquid funds are already allowed. If there are concerns regarding price fluctuations and liquidity, that can be managed by keeping a bigger haircut than 10% and/or mandating at least 5-10% of the margin as cash.

There was a delay in sending OTP from the AMC website when I tried login, and that’s why I asked this question. Now, I am able to view the investment done via COIN on AMC website, but I can not invest in funds under the same folio (as COIN) directly at AMC. I need to create another folio there.

Yes. I was trying that, but I did not receive an OTP for the same for a long time, and hence I asked the question. Now I can see the existing folio (COIN) and create a new folio as you suggested.

Thanks for the response.

Ya if you have any problem use mycam or kfinkart both are RTA agent they will create folios and new details, but there UI is Messy and remember to check plans they both provide regular and direct plan

You will find some mf amc in cams and other in kfinkart as per rta