Coin latest update

Just installed latest version of coin and have to say developers have done fantastic job, adding most of the features users needed. Cheers.

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More to come, by the way :slight_smile:


Finally paying attention to improving Coin app. Good :clap::clap:

Is there any beta for iOS?
If yes, how do I join?

I don’t see any Android app updates. When was the last update?

It was updated on 19th November… I’m beta tester for Android app so maybe that’s why I got this new version.

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Xrr and cagr options missing in the beta version @siva @Bhuvan

@Bhuvan its been a while since you updaed Coin App, when are you going to bring same features to Coin website (mainly desktop site)

Working on it. We were in the midst of a complete backend overhaul. Although you don’t see the changes on the front, a lot has changed on the backend and is changing too. Plus there was some uncertainty over regulatory changes that would have affected how we offered mutual funds which led to a lot of delays. But having said that, you will see a steady stream of over the coming months, including a new Coin web.

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Also is there any chance you can add ability to view MF returns chart like we can do with equities?