Coin Monthly Charges

the monthly charge for direct mutual fund is Rs 50 per month, which is on top of AMC, and this I think is bit expensive. It would be great if you could reduce the charges for direct mutual funds.
I am aware of non direct mutual fund in which there are no monthly charges, but I would still request/ recommend you to reduce the charges to enhance your client base.

:slight_smile: with direct mutual fund there is no distributor commissions earned by selling the mutual fund (typically 1% upfront and upto 1% as trail commission every year until the investment is held).

If we don’t make any money, how will the business model sustain? Business has to make money to be viable isn’t it?
At Rs 50, we are the lowest in the market, and we will be able to sustain because selling MF is not our primary business.

Buy yeah, you can buy the regular funds without paying this monthly fees here:

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Rs.50/- p.m is charged for each folio or for each client ? please clear the confusion.Also please let me know if it is possible to transfer my other direct mf holdings to zerodha , if possible then what are the required formalities ? thanks .

The subscription fee is Rs 50 PM regardless of the number of funds you invest in once your total investments cross Rs 25000. Check this post for more on transferring your funds.

@nithin it says that to disable coin, you need to sell all mutual funds… that’s a bit painful… can it be made more user friendly ?

what are the chances of increase in the coin subscription charges in future? Am sure the current charges may not be making the economic sense for you…


Our business is an economies of scale model. It does make economic sense, we aim to get to atleast a million coin customers. No plans to increase the charges.

@nithin is the plan of not increasing the charges only a short term (1-2 years) thinking or a long term? I am asking since disabling coin has been made a bit non user friendly with the requirement of selling mutual funds before disabling !!

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